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Transport and Infrastructure|QCC Resources|Downer CHPP Delivery

Transport and Infrastructure

Transport, Logistics, Civil, Earthworks, Infrastructure

QCC Resources provides transport and civil infrastructure solutions to the resources sector worldwide.


  • Bulk and Detailed Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Provision of Water, Sewage and General Routing of Sewage
  • Mine Infrastructure
  • Transport and Logistics Modelling
  • Roadways and Haul Roads
  • Rail and Balloon Loops (Civil Aspects)
  • Construction Site Supervision for Civil Works

Project Experience

  • Pre-Feasibility Studies for Mineral Sands Projects in Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Senegal
  • Civil infrastructure, Drainage and Bulk Earthworks for CHPP projects across Australia
  • Transport and Infrastructure Review for coal projects in Russia
  • Bulk and Container Freight Logistics worldwide


3D Model Stacker/Stockpile Expansion including Settling Basin

3D Model Stacker/Stockpile Expansion including Settling Basin

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