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Resource Evaluation

Coal Exploration, Coal Bore Core Testing, Coal Feasibility Studies

QCC Resources has extensive experience in coal resource evaluation.

Core capabilities

  • Resource quality assessment
  • Unification of data from different testing programmes
  • Design, supervision and evaluation of laboratory test programs
  • Practical mine planning algorithms for coal preparation and quality
  • Expertise in audit and design of sampling systems
  • Coal handleability, spontaneous combustion and blending
  • Raw and product tonnage prediction and reconciliation (from reserves to end use)
  • Validating, collating and interpreting coal quality data from exploration and operational sources
  • Deriving reliable estimates with respect to all aspects of in situ density and coal moisture
  • Developing coal preparation and product options from exploration and/or bulk sample data, including assessment and adjustment base data as required
  • Maximising use of slim and LD core information in the development of computational algorithms to convert ROM tonnage from mine planning programs into practical product yields and ashes.

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